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МНОГИЕ ВРАЧИ ЭТОГО НЕ ЗНАЮТ . 7 способов НАВСЕГДА избавиться от ВСД и восстановить здоровье

Kupeev clinic website Clinic channel VC clinic group Video about desks-desks for children To order desks-Desk here Channel "SLAVYOGA" The psychologist Aleksey Kapranov Have you ever wondered what stress is and how it is dangerous? Well, you say - think stress and stress. All the stress and did live. And grandparents and great-grandparents as it is lived – and all at all times was stressed... So it is true, but we do not consider or notice the ever-accelerating pace of life. And as for technology the Overton window of what for our ancestors was unthinkable is now the norm for us. Outdoor advertising, traffic jams, the noise of the city, hundreds of strangers, sitting in the office for 12 hours, constant calls and notifications from your smartphone – all this, albeit small but stress on each of which our body allocates stress hormones. Add to these stresses conflicts at work, family quarrels, some exams, problems in children at school. You quit Smoking or change your place of residence. And if in addition you also have a salary delay and loans or mortgage? Or God forbid someone from close relatives is ill? All this is a very serious test for the body. The stress hormone prepares our body to escape, freeze or eliminate the source of stress. To get away from stress will not work, and to eliminate the source of experiences, we usually can not, that eventually overflows our "hormonal Cup of patience" and this leads to the compression of muscles and the formation of blocks – the so-called trigger points in our body. In normal mode to just stand on the spine have a load of up to 200 kg per square centimeter. In the mode of severe stress, the load on the spine increases to 500 kg per square centimeter. Clamps in the muscles begin to hurt and" pull " the joints, ligaments and even vertebrae, hence their displacement and flattening, and as a result of diseases such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis, as well as protrusion and hernia of the spine and as a consequence of this there is a pinching of nerve roots, migraines, attacks of suffocation, panic attacks, pain behind the sternum (which are often confused with cardiac), disruption of the gastrointestinal tract and other unpleasant manifestations. For all this, the doctors came up with the name – vegetative-vascular dystonia or VSD and serve it almost as an incurable disease, they say go and suffer until the end of life, take pills and bring us your hard-earned until we come up with another "miracle pill" from this "terrible incurable disease". And in fact no incurable diseases do not exist, there is a reluctance of Orthodox medicine to cure them to the end for obvious reasons. Also, the IRS, no disease, and even more so is not incurable, but as always "accidentally" or not, these doctors-officials forgot to mention that it is possible to cure COMPLETELY only in the complex. And here are the methods of getting rid of this disease and will be discussed in this video. Be sure to watch this video to the end, because the last point is the most important, and even if you persistently follow the other 6 recommendations, the clips and blocks in the muscles can come back again and again. It is necessary to remove the cause of their occurrence and in parallel to deal with the consequences that have already arisen, which sometimes accumulate for many years. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #VSD #spine #treatment