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РАСПИЛИТЬ 3.4 миллиарда и повесить всё на 77-летнюю БАБУШКУ. Рецепт губернатора Бориса Дубровского

All the fun in the seditious telegram Seditious instagram The recent spring cleaning of the Governor's corps has claimed five governors. As a typical example of the usefulness of this type of officials for society, we will talk about one of them, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Boris Dubrovsky. He is one of the defendants in the Panama dossier, according to which, as the head of the Chelyabinsk region, turned through his offshore 12 million rubles. On this scandals with" offshore adventures " Dubrovsky not end. Dubrovsky used the services of the Swiss Bank BPER ("private Bank of Edmond de Rothschild"). It was the account in BPER that the head of the Chelyabinsk region used for money transfers. Dubrovsky is a native of Magnitogorsk and for a long time was the Director General of the Magnitogorsk iron and steel works. After his election as Governor Dubrovsky "dragged" to Chelyabinsk not only firms from Magnitogorsk, but also local officials. Formally, after the appointment of the head of the region in September 2014, the assets of the former Director of Magnitogorsk Dubrovsky passed to the management of his son Alexander, but, of course, Dubrovsky senior still personally controlled his business. And relatively recently, in 2018, the Antimonopoly service opened a case on the fact of collusion between JSC "Yuzhuralmost" and personally the Governor of Dubrovsky in 2018. The case involved billions of rubles. Here is the conclusion on the case of the Federal Antimonopoly Service: In this document which accurately and with references to data of Investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia corruption activity and Boris Dubrovsky, and his subordinate – the head of the Ministry of road economy and transport of Chelyabinsk region Dmitry Mikulik is painted. The document is extensive, it contains a lot of facts and figures indicating that during the governorship of Boris Dubrovsky, Yuzhuralmost, a member of the Governor's power group, was in a privileged position, and its competitors were almost completely removed from public procurement. The very essence: when Boris Dubrovsky became Governor of the Chelyabinsk region in 2014, the share of Yuzhuralmost in road state contracts was only 9% of the total amount of purchases. In 2018, Yuzhuralmost sawed 96% of the region's road money. In Chelyabinsk UFAS for several years there were complaints from competitors of the monopolist, who were suspended from trading on far-fetched occasions. Typical was the consolidation of lots: Mindor headed by Dmitry Mikulik combined orders from different parts of the region. Naturally, the lot per billion could take on the auction only "Yuzhuralmost" because of the huge amount of security. The results are clear: competition in this area in the region is killed, the roads are broken, and the budget has lost about 20% of the road money that could be saved by fair trading by reducing the price of competing participants. In fact, the money was stolen. So, what role was played by Tatyana salt Marsh in the relations between the Governor Dubrovsky and "Juzhuralmash"? The name of Tatyana Solonchak has already been announced in the course of court sessions in the case of state Duma Deputy Vadim Belousov and his mother-in-law Margarita Butakova, on which the Governor's power group tried to hang road cuts. As a result, 77-year-old pensioner Margarita Butakova was hospitalized. And now an elderly hostage in the case of theft of the Governor's group 3.4 billion rubles are kept in jail. Of course, it is naive to believe that Dubrovsky in the process of cutting the road money of the region received some 34 million rubles-given that his apartment in the center of Moscow with a view of the Kremlin is worth half a billion. Let's ask a rhetorical question: what will happen next with the Governor Dubrovsky? If the Federal Antimonopoly service does not merge, the case of Antimonopoly collusion can smoothly move to the offices of the Investigative Committee. Or there will be solved which the necessary sums will close this question? Well, let's see where Boris Dubrovsky will end up – in Switzerland or in more severe places, for example in Magadan. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #power #Governor #Dubrovsky