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See the continuation of this topic at the link - Now Hollywood teaches us to such a God, who appears in the film "Bruce the Almighty" But the traditions of most ancient cultures tell a different story - about the mysterious WHITE strangers, whom the people were invariably given a Divine origin and an exceptional opportunity. They come from space, then fly through the air, then come out of the depths of the sea, build unprecedented structures. In General, do not steam and do not limit themselves in anything. Who were these mysterious civilizers? Let's understand... Most myths describe these Gods. If you read them carefully, it turns out that almost all of them were white-skinned, fair-haired, light-eyed – and the Gods of Egypt, and the inhabitants of Olympus, and even flew to China Huang Di. One could decide that all this is a fantasy, a metaphor of white as the purest and best, and so on. But in South America, and in Egypt, and even in China found mummies with Golden, brown, red and light brown hair. In Egypt, this appearance had not only the pharaohs but also the elite of lower rank. That's where we'll start. Egypt One of the legends of the ancient Egyptian state Egypt have created nine White Gods. These White Gods at the same time were their first rulers, came with them, the people began their first aristocracy. The fact that the ruling caste of Egypt were white people, historians are well known. Thus, in the Cairo Museum are statues of pharaohs of the 4th Dynasty and their wives, which have clear signs of the European race. Blue or light eyes are present on many statues, Gore is described as "blue-eyed", and the famous artifact "eye of the Mountain" should always be made of lapis lazuli, a blue semi-precious stone. Plutarch wrote that Gore was fair-skinned, and Seth – rosy-cheeked and red-haired. To this day, preserved sculptures in the eyes of which are inserted optical lenses of rock crystal, which change color depending on the lighting from blue to smoky gray. Light-skinned and fair-haired were also the people who made up the Egyptian nobility, as evidenced by the mummy of the Egyptian courtier named Yuuya. He was the father of TIA, who was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Beside him lay his blond wife, Tuya, Tutankhamun's great-grandmother. And the mother of Pharaoh Amenhotep the Fourth of the 18th dynasty was depicted as a blue-eyed blonde with a rosy face. Recall that Gore is depicted with the head of a Falcon. In the Slavic tradition, the Falcon is named after Rarog and Finist. The Falcon is always associated with flight, with height. But the name of the Mountains is translated from Egyptian and as "height". And in Russian there is a high Russian word "mountain"... Here are some more completely random coincidences: The goddess Maat (Mother captions); The deity of earth and fertility named Ptah (the credits of a Cock, the bird); The deity in the form of a white goose named Great Hugoton (titers Goose) ancient Greece Legends of Ancient Greece depict the inhabitants of Olympus fair-haired and white-skinned. Homer calls them bright, tall, radiant, Golden-haired or Svetlogorye, heroes also gives powerful white bodies, the women in his descriptions – "white-stockinged" and "romanovaite". We are used to Greek sculpture, but modern methods have revealed the remains of pigments that have faded from time. It turned out that the ancient statues were not white: the world of ancient Greece was bright and multicolored! India Indian Vedas, according to legends, in India brought White Teachers (Rishi), who came from the North, because of the high mountains. Rishi (Rasha) is translated from Sanskrit as Race. In the Mahabharata it is told about "radiant Country of happiness" Svetadvipa (White island). It is located "in the North of the Milk sea", there live "people are bright, shining, like the month." Here is the sacred world mount Meru, next to which "six months – day, six months – night", "one night and one day together are equal to the year." Here, high in the sky shines "strengthened by God the Creator of the North star." The Indian epic also depicts the Northern lights, frozen waters that "take beautiful images", it is there that the "Seven divine Rishis"live. What can I say about distant India, even if in the Chukchi... Well, to be more precise, the Evenki, legends about white people – the peoples angry and homedry, who owned vast territories to the Northern ocean. These people were reindeer, mammoths and elk. The mammoths died in a disaster depicted as a battle of Evil and Good spirits. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #myths #legends #gods