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ТОП-3 ЛЖИВЫХ версии ГИБЕЛИ туристов НА ПЕРЕВАЛЕ Дятлова

Seditious Telegram Instagram Recently the Prosecutor's office resumed the case of the death of a tourist group Dyatlov pass. To understand the circumstances of what happened, the experts are going to conduct an experiment again and go to the famous pass. Just in case, recall what happened there. February 2, 1959 in the Northern Urals, under mysterious circumstances killed a group of 9 tourists. In the middle of the night, for unknown reasons, the band members cut the tent from the inside and not even dressed out in the cold. After that, they walked a mile down the mountain and made a fire. Judging by the tracks, three of the group decided to return to the tent, but froze on the road. Two died by the fire from burns. And the four remaining were found with severe fractures in the ravine. The official version of the incident - "it Should be considered that the cause of death of tourists was a natural force to overcome that tourists were not able to". The investigation was classified, sealed and handed over to a special unit. According to researchers, there are about 75 versions of what happened that fateful night. And although these tragic events have been talked about for quite a long time, the real version of what happened has not been found. Many scientists are trying to prove the correctness of their theories, but we will go from the opposite - note those versions that are not exactly suitable and are discussed only in order to divert attention from a possible solution. Let's hit the road. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #Perevalov #tourists #woodpeckers