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About who and how lobbying for GMO in Russia SRAS on "Awareness" How do you imagine plants are mutants? Could it be?... Or so:… In fact, products with mutant plants you see every day in the store and buy them. The food industry, with its complex technical formulations has long been mixing GMOs almost everywhere. For example, you can choose not to eat or buy corn, but corn syrup, corn starch and corn flour are found in a huge number of products - from yogurt to cookies. The same can be said about soy products. So palm oil, which is so often frightened in the TV - a harmful thing, but it does not determine, because now 70% of popular brands of baby food contain GMOs, about 30% of coffee on the market — genetically modified. Well, what's so, say a skeptical viewer, rumors about the dangers of GMOs are greatly exaggerated. Let's understand. And let's start with the 90-ies of the last century, when Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines was struck by a terrible epidemic, the source of which scientists have not been able to find. In perfectly healthy young women in the later stages of pregnancy miscarriage occurred. Repeated attempts to conceive a child ended in the same, and then came infertility. Doctors were lost in conjecture. The only thing that United the victims of the strange disease — they were all members of the mass vaccination campaign against tetanus, which was supervised by the world health organization, and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. When the vials of the vaccine were tested, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) was found in the solution. This vital natural hormone is necessary to support pregnancy, but the combination with the tetanus agent in the vaccine led to the formation of antibodies to the natural and necessary for the fetus hormone. In other words, vaccination was a hidden form of abortion. When the conspiracy of the Rockefeller Foundation and who was uncovered, they went the other way, by GMO, although the scenario was the same - after some time in Zimbabwe and Guinea began to happen exactly the same thing. But this time the affected women were United by a passion for canned corn. Contrary to expectations, the analysis of the contents of cans did not reveal life-threatening components, the amount of preservatives also corresponded to the norm. It was all about the corn itself, or rather its genetic modification. Antibodies were taken from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility. Isolated the genes that regulate the production of these infertility antibodies, and with genetic engineering techniques inserted them into the genome of conventional corn seeds, which supplied the third world. Thus, Africans with their own hands sowed genetically modified corn with built-in hidden contraception. Gene modification was discovered by the American Corporation Monsanto in the mid 80-ies. This Terry multinational company was founded in the United States back in 1901. Now she had a merger with Bayer, and that at the moment three megacorporations control food on the planet, we talked in the video about the Rockefeller Foundation. It is highly recommended to see it, if you have not seen that the current picture was more complete. And about who and how is lobbying the interests of mega-corporations in the promotion of GMO products in Russia, you can learn from the movie channel's “understanding” of “Genetically modified weapons”. A link to this video is in the description of this video. According to Monsanto and other GMO lobbyists, the main goal is to increase yields, create new biological units of both plants and animals, as well as crop resistance to harmful plants, that is, to weeds. The slogan of all these cannibalistic corporations is simple: "There are too many people in the World and too little food" and this is perhaps their main answer to the question "Why humanity can not live without GMOs". But is it true that they want to "feed" us? Maybe this attraction of unprecedented generosity has other goals? Moreover, historically they have always worked not over the salvation of men, and the means of their destruction. From 1941 to 42 Monsanto produced mainly military products. During the Second world war, "Monsanto" received from the us Government a huge amount of budget funds for the needs of the military industry. For example, the production of chemical weapons. Later, during the war against Vietnam, for the destruction of tropical forests where partisans hid, the Americans poured all mossanovski “Agent orange”. This agent is the grandfather of all modern herbicides and pesticides. The consequences of such sprays in Vietnam are still visible. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #GMO #Monsanto #food