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Vicium - Egyptian pyramids - well, it would seem that there is nothing new to say? Have all investigated presledovanie, all the puzzles are solved, secrets are revealed. However, until now, these buildings excite the minds of researchers and all who are interested in ancient Egypt. And despite the fact that there are a lot of pyramids in Egypt, first of all, of course, everyone has an image of the pyramids of Giza near present-day Cairo. Well, let's look at the pyramids from a seditious point of view. Relatively recently, scientists have discovered that in the pyramid of Cheops there are not only ventilation shafts, but also secret rooms, to get to which a person is impossible. First, the whole pyramid of Cheops, whose height is 138 meters, is penetrated by 4 narrow inclined passages, with a cross section of 20 centimeters, which is considered to be ventilation. Secondly, it is proved that two mines from the tomb of Pharaoh come out. Why in a sealed tomb ventilation, not to mention the fact that the inclined mines greatly complicated the construction of such a large-scale structure. Third, the two mines, which would seem to be ventilation for the tomb of Pharaoh's wife, not only did not come to the surface, they did not even reach the tomb itself, that is, it was sealed passages. Since the mines are quite narrow and stretch quite far, then shed some light on the question "what is there?"it was possible only in 1990. Specially assembled for this task, the robot was able to crawl through the mine as much as 63 meters and only found an obstacle in front of him – a stone door with two metal studs – handles, which, as you may have guessed, the robot could not open. In 2002, another robot got to the door, drilled a hole in it, stuck a camera in it and saw that behind the door at a distance of 20 centimeters another door, exactly the same. Her drill is not enough. After another 9 years, finally built a robot called the Jedi, who were more confident preparing for this kind of research. So here is robot a Jedi Fund until the same seats that and predecessor and simply more accurately viewed a small room between the two doors. On the floor to be a kind of hieroglyphics, the meaning of which is not yet clear. Just a special mobile camera on the robot turned around and showed the door on the back side, it is well polished, has decorative loops. In other words, it is not a stone that would prevent debris from entering the mine, it is a door that someone used. May pulled her loops? But how? But here's the strange thing, for some reason the pictures taken by the robot, not all published. For example, it is unknown what was depicted on the ceiling. And why the robot did not penetrate the second wall. Moreover, for some reason, the right wall of the secret room after nine years received two longitudinal scratches, and the upper wall – the ceiling – a deeper cut, as if it rested. Note, in the camera itself according to official data did not penetrate any of the robots. Fortunately, or not, practice shows that it is not enough just to stir the brain to develop. Need specialized exercises and training. The best solution to this issue is an online platform VITIUM, which offers a range of special courses and training designed to upgrade the performance of the brain. It allows you to improve memory, reaction, attention, concentration, as well as the work of thinking. After all, our effectiveness in many areas of life depends on them. To achieve a rapid development effect, the intelligent system of the online platform Wikium will generate an individual development program for each day. It is built on the basis of data on the level of development of your cognitive functions obtained after passing the introductory test. More than 4 million users have already appreciated the online platform Vakium. It is possible to be engaged free of charge, but with small restrictions. Useful, exciting and, most importantly, it will take you 15-20 minutes a day. So it's worth a try, the link can be found under the video. Well, we go further and ask a difficult question - so how old are the pyramids of Egypt? Science has not yet determined the exact date of their construction. Scientists in their definitions differ not even for centuries, but for millennia. According to the traditional version, the pyramids are already 4.5 thousand years old. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #pyramids #Giza #Egypt