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Seditious Telegram Instagram Past videos on the topic: Mysterious places Megaliths Baalbek Top 5 pyramids The pyramids in Egypt Seditious Antarctica Playlist "Megaliths and Artifacts" The world is full of mysteries and mysteries. Something you can check yourself and even see everything with your own eyes. But there are places where not to issue a special pass. All data about them are often classified and find reliable information is very difficult. Let's start with the place that is most often mentioned in various media. In the center of the Nevada desert is a complex of buildings owned by the US air force. For a long time, officials did not give any comments about this place. Officially, the existence of this zone was recognized only in 2013, but with a note that there are only experiencing new weapons systems. But you are not surprised that the secret place has been discussed in popular culture for so many years? The fact is that in fact, the project "Zone №51" is a planned operation to divert attention from the real secret objects. This base is specially promoted in the press and Hollywood. Hundreds of films have been made, in which, one way or another, this very Zone 51 appears. The present really secret place in the United States is in a very different place. This military base is hidden in a small town called Sausalito (Sausalito), which is located near San Francisco. To get to it, just leave San Francisco on the bridge "Golden Gate" and immediately after it turn right. Sausalito is famous primarily for its cozy Bay, which houses a Parking lot for yachts of wealthy residents of San Francisco. This town is located on the gentle slopes of low mountains near Richardson Bay. This town has a lot of restaurants, shops, places for recreation and entertainment, and it looks more like a European town than an American one. It is hard to believe that next to a place like Sausalito hiding military facility of enormous size. However, this is true. In the depths of those very low mountains is a secret base with Parking for submarines that quietly enter the Bay and moored in a cave - bunker. And the powerful reinforced concrete bunkers and bunkers of coastal artillery during the Second World War serve as an excellent cover for the ventilation system of the top-secret base. It is to this base that unidentified flying objects are delivered by submarines, as evidenced by documents codenamed “X-files of San Francisco”. The next place of such orientation is the underground laboratory of Dulce. Most likely, you hear this name for the first time. The thing is that about this mysterious database is almost no reliable information. It is located in the state of new Mexico, on the server border with the state of Colorado. It may seem that this is just another secret object of the us intelligence services. But there is evidence that deep underground to be without exaggeration the whole city. Locals have repeatedly noticed strange lights and unidentified flying objects in the sky. Researchers were attracted by strange buildings on the surface, a new road that leads nowhere, as well as strange structures that are clearly not used. At the same time it is impossible to approach these objects, the place is fenced and protected. The most incredible and terrifying assumption about the purpose of this base, appeared in the late 80s. A little later, this assumption was confirmed by numerous witnesses. A Thomas Costelo said he worked at the base as a security officer. He said that the base consists of 7 levels, with the lower levels given to the joint laboratory of the us armed forces and representatives of another civilization. Another important witness Phil Schneider confirmed the words of the Church. In 1995, Schneider gave a famous lecture in which he told everything he knew about the database. The lecture became a sensation and is currently available on the Internet. Among other things, Schneider said that at great depth is a network of underground tunnels connecting such secret objects. Indirectly, his words are confirmed by independent studies, according to which in the vicinity of the base of Dulce developed a huge network of natural caves. But to prove that part of the corridors of artificial origin is not possible. Seven months after the lecture, Schneider was found dead in his home, strangled with a medical catheter. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #secret #places #planets