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Seditious Telegram Instagram Past videos on the topic: ►about Kozhedub ►about the myths about the second world war ►about the quality of Russian soldiers ►about landing without a parachute ►about the feat of Soviet intelligence ►about the myths of the Russian soldiers ►about the Il-2 ►about the tank of the great Victory is-2 ►about the mysteries of the war ►an interesting interview with a veteran What super heroes usually pop up in our head? Marvel comic book characters? Captain America, Superman, Batman, spider-man? Maybe the Avengers? In this video you will see something different. The Avengers that existed in real life. They had their own “War of Infinity”, and after watching this video, you will decide who is more worthy of full-fledged artistic adaptations - fictional mutants who received superpowers for free or these absolutely real people, whose photos each of us can keep in the “immortal shelf”. We start with the hero, who instead of gloves Thanos clutched in the hands of a non-trivial superweapon - an ordinary ax. Ivan Sereda, a guy 22 years old, like all Ukrainian boys, loved to eat. But he liked not only to eat, but also to cook. That's why after school I entered the Donetsk technical school of food. Met war in June 1941 Ivan Sereda in as a cooks 91 th tank regiment. One day, when the platoon moved to the front, and Ivan was left alone with porridge and soup, a German tank rolled out directly to the field kitchen. Of the turret head is German, which is quite laughed, saying something to his companions inside the car. Ivan rushed to the tank with an axe in his hands. A German, he saw running towards him a Russian soldier, ducked into the hatch. From the tank the machine gun earned, however the cook didn't get to a zone of its attack. Sereda piece of canvas closed peepholes, depriving the tank of the review. The machine gun continued to shoot, and then cook two strikes the butt of the an axe bent his barrel. Then the cook began to hammer furiously with an axe on the hatch, giving commands to nonexistent companions. Stunned and blinded by German tank crews were obviously distracted. How many people surrounded them, they did not represent, furious blows of the axe on armor brought crew to a light concussion. In the end, the hatch of the tank opened, and from it one by one climbed four German tanker. When the comrades of Sereda returned to the field kitchen, a picture unfolded in front of them: a German tank, bound Germans, and the cook as if nothing had happened removed the sample from the porridge. About the unique case very quickly became known that later served a bad service: many began to believe that "cook Sereda" — a mythical character. But the reality of his feat is documented. A superweapon that used Sereda - noted in another story. The son of a rural carpenter, Mitya Ovcharenko, from a young age comprehended peasant life – learned to care for cattle, harvest hay, cut wood, and, of course, mastered his father's carpentry science. In June 1941, the war broke out, and 22-year-old peasant son Ovcharenko became sled. The duties of the red army included transportation by cart to the positions of the company of food and ammunition. The objective in war is not the threat, and went Dmitry alone. On July 13, 41 on the road directly on a lonely supply of Ovcharenko two cars in which there were Hitlerites – three officers and 50 soldiers jumped out. For the confusion of the outbreak of war such breakthroughs of the enemy in the rear of the Soviet troops was business as usual. The officer interrogated Dmitry here, at the cart. The rifle was taken away from him, so no trick was expected of him. Meanwhile, in the hay next to standing Dmitry lay an axe, which the Germans either did not notice, or did not consider a dangerous weapon. Suddenly the red army Soldier grabbed an axe, and with one wave took off the head to the commander of the German group. The headless body slumped to the ground. The Germans expected anything, but not such a turn. For a few seconds of shock and shock they fell into a daze. These seconds Ovcharenko was enough to dive into the cart, pull out three grenades, and send and standing in the midst of enemies. And right after explosion the furious Russian soldier with an axe rushed to attack. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #real #Russian #superheroes