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РТУТЬ МОЖЕТ СОРВАТЬ ПЛАНЫ ЭЛИТ. Запрещённый ртутный двигатель можно собрать В ГАРАЖЕ !

Seditious telegram Seditious instagram Playlist of "FORBIDDEN TECHNOLOGY" When you hear the word "mercury," what thoughts come first in your head? Danger! Poison! Alert! Yes, these ideas were put in us by parents, and from school textbooks we know that mercury vapors can cause irreparable harm to health. There is even criminal liability for possession of this substance, which is clearly spelled out in article 234 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. But why is mercury so demonized? Why is everything being done today to make us very afraid even to come into contact with it? It may be that we don't let God do it?: ... Our ancestors were familiar with mercury. She attributed magical properties, is actively used in alchemy and medicine. For it captured the state and the city. For example, according to one version, the great Genghis Khan decided to conquer Ferghana precisely because mercury production was established in this city. And in the works of the Roman writer Pliny there is an indication that in those days Rome bought in Spain four and a half tons of mercury. Mercury has also been associated with the philosopher's stone for centuries. "Give me a sea of mercury and I'll turn it into gold." This is no sort of the ancient alchemist, and the mastodon of classical physics, the great Isaac Newton. This scientist devoted 30 years of his adult life to the study of alchemy and mercury in particular. All his research in this area, he classified encryption. All these facts show that our ancestors valued mercury very much. In the second half of the 20th century this substance had wide practical application. It was used in tons, in the most different spheres of life both in the territory of our country, and in other corners of the planet. In medicine as well. But at some point, everything has changed, and today about the horrors that will happen to a man, inhaled mercury vapor, screams the entire Internet. But, wait! If mercury is so poisonous, how did you not notice it for centuries? Today more than 20 minerals of mercury are known, but its main source is cinnabar. Mercury is obtained by distillation. But there is another, rougher way. Red stones are simply heated in the furnace until the minerals begin to crack and mercury flows out of them. It seems that this method of mercury mining was used by our ancestors. Cinnabar itself – absolutely safe mountain mineral, as well as mercury in its pure form. Only its compounds with other substances can be toxic. For example, methyl mercury is one of the most dangerous neurotoxins. There are other toxic compounds, such as arsenic. The safety of pure mercury is beyond doubt. It is known that people who work directly with pure mercury do not even bother some kind of security, protective clothing. Look, this man takes mercury in his mouth and nothing happens to him. And this just at the elbow puts hand in liquid metal and is not afraid to die a horrible death. But if mercury isn't dangerous, why are we so scared of it? Let's understand. The unique properties of mercury interested not only researchers of the distant past. For example, In the USSR, in the 80-ies among radio Amateurs actively wandered rumors amazing capabilities of mercury antennas. In ' 89 even wrote about this in the magazine "Radio". It was all terribly simple. In a chemical flask or glass from the light bulb, mercury was poured and a panicle of copper half a meter long aluminum wires was placed. The neck was clogged with putty or bitumen. The whole structure was mounted on a wooden mast. From copper panicles down the cable to reduce the radio. According to the testers, it was possible to catch almost anything on such an antenna. Recently, a lover of experimentation decided to repeat the experience and make the antenna with the use of mercury. Tests have shown that the antenna really works fine. An amazing situation developed with a mysterious substance called "red mercury". A lot of it written in ancient treatises. This substance was called "red lion" or "philosophical mercury" and attributed to it all the properties of the philosopher's stone. This topic was particularly active during perestroika, when the secret archives of the Soviet Union were opened. It is believed that in the 60s, red mercury could be synthesized in secret laboratories and sold abroad at a price of half a million dollars per kilogram. There were also those who could cash in on people's interest in red mercury. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #mercury #engine #exists