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Hidden traps slaveholders SubscribeОСОЗНАНИЕ?sub_confirmation=1 In the next 10 minutes you will learn how drugs, rock and roll, hippies, heavy metal, and all modern psychedelic art came into fashion thanks to the efforts of the Frankfurt schools and the Tavistock Institute of human relations, and especially thanks to their secret project “MK Ultra”. About the offices themselves, we talked in more detail in the previous series, the links will be under the video. And now it's time to talk about the time bomb, embedded in modern culture. THE CULT OF ISIS The drug-addicted subculture traces its origin to the ancient cult of ISIS, which is primarily a cult of drugs. It is a cult of priests and secret rituals, protected for centuries by the British Royal family and its friends from the ruling class. It existed in Egypt in the era of the III dynasty of the Ancient Kingdom. The priests of ISIS formed a close circle of the Egyptian aristocracy, which completely controlled the life of society. In the 19th century, the cult of ISIS promoted in his work "the Last days of Pompeii" the high priest of ISIS Edward George bulver-Lytton, who smoked the sky from 1803 to 1873, and his son later became the Viceroy of India and even more Chinese hoisted on Bengal opium. Bulwer-Lytton was the mentor of Lord Palmerston, who led the British Parliament and also contributed to the increase in opium sales to China. Russian occultist Elena Blavatsky later even more advertised the cult of ISIS in her book "Exposed ISIS". Project MK Ultra and LSD 40 years ago, in 1977, at the request of the us Senate Committee on Church Affairs, a cache of twenty thousand documents relating to the MK Ultra project (Em Ka ultra) Was seized, leading to a trial in the Senate that year. Among the most terrible discoveries was the 25-year history of secret experiments with mind-altering drugs, mass psychological manipulation, brainwashing in the North Korean style and torture. Journalists unearthed how the CIA and related intelligence agencies began large-scale experiments with hallucinogen LSD-25, exploring the potential of its use in order to control society. The experiments were conducted in more than eighty universities and contributed to the spread of LSD culture. Thousands of students were used as Guinea pigs, and these rabbits then learned how to synthesize drugs on their own. Since 1962, the national defence research Institute of THE Rand Corporation (Rand), based in Santa Monica, has embarked on a four-year programme of research and experiments using narcotic psychosis from LSD, mescaline and marijuana as a tool for psychiatric diagnosis. LSD-25 was synthesized in 1943 by the chemist albert Hoffman, who worked in the Swiss pharmaceutical company “Sandoz”. Then this company belonged to a rich member of the Bilderberg club - Sigmund George Warburg. “Sandoz” continues to work as if nothing had happened in our days, producing drugs for one hundred and forty countries, including Russia. Do you remember the ending in the ads for the anti-anxiety pills? 0:04 - till the end The MK-ULTRA project was subdivided into a total of 149 subprojects, many of which were related to studies on issues such as behavior modification, hypnosis, drug exposure, psychotherapy, truth serum, pathogens and toxins in human tissues. But this, of course, is not all. The interests of special services demanded from the project "MK-ULTRA" to find ways to manipulate human memory. It was necessary to bypass what Freudians call the super-ego, and open the controller-manipulator direct access to the storage of the memory of the enemy agent. That was the first step. Then followed the second. It was necessary to erase certain information from the agent's memory and replace it with another, so that he did not even suspect that he was interrogated and he gave some important information. The third step is to program the enemy agent to act in the interests of the CIA, not even knowing who and why he gives orders. In other words, the CIA of ispolzovali advantage of the achievements of hypnotherapy and deep psychoanalysis. As for the drugs themselves, the declassified documents confirming that millions of doses of LSD-25 were created, which then with the help of American intelligence agencies spread around the world in the framework of the project “MK-ULTRA”. The irony is, the CIA itself is also addicted to the drugs. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #you #got it #