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Frederic Beigbeder. Books to understand the future. Posthuman life

Frederic Beigbeder is a French writer, TV host, and literary critic. Today we discuss which books can help us cope with isolation, which books to read to predict the future, what French and Russian writers have in common, and when we will become posthuman. Support me on Patreon: My blog on Medium: Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, Spotify and other podcasting platforms: My Instagram: My Twitter: Notes from Underground: A Journey Round My Room: The Minority Report: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Time Out of Joint: Frankenstein: A Life Without End: The Man In A Case: 0:00 – Intro 0:49 – Role of literature 1:54 – Book recommendations 3:22 – Inspiring books 4:50 – Can modern writers predict the future? 6:10 – On immortality 8:08 – Border between the human and the post-human 10:18 – Privacy vs self-development 11:32 – Future of privacy 14:11 – Will reading go away in future? 15:28 – How books change you 16:56 – Favorite authors from the past 19:50 – Modern writers 22:24 – Like Bunin 28:05 – Frederic's new book 29:35 – Tolstoy or Dostoevsky #Beigbeder #Literature #Frederic frederic beigbeder, frederic, beigbeder, books, read, reading, literature, book, booktube, classics, victor hugo, dostoevsky, tolstoy, marcel proust, russian literature, modern literature, science fiction, fiction, covid 19, transhumanism, posthuman, posthumanism, privacy, neuralink, elon musk, immortality, immortal, aging, isolation, social network, social distancing, video podcast, video interview