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Liberland: an unrecognized country running on blockchain / Mustreader podcast

Watch the full video podcast with Vít Jedlička: What is Liberland, which laws govern this unrecognized country and how to become its citizen? Could there be a country built on blockchain? Support me on Patreon: My blog on Medium: Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, Spotify and other podcasting platforms: Russian translation of the video: My Instagram: My Twitter: Vít Jedlička: #blockchain #liberland #podcast vit jedlicka, liberland, liberland citizenship, free country, bitcoin, blockchain, Liberland, micronation, libertarian, tax free, government, cryptocurrency, Vít Jedlička, Vít, Jedlička, blockchain government, taxes, libertarians, libertarianism, mustreader, podcast, video podcast, interview, video interview, blockchain technology, liberty