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Futuristic gadgets for tracking your health. Daniel Kraft / Mustreader podcast

Watch the full video podcast with Kraft: Cyberpunk is already here. Daniel Kraft talks about the most impressive gadgets in medicine that you can use for tracking your health. Support me on Patreon: My Twitter: My blog on Medium: Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, Spotify and other podcasting platforms: My Instagram: Daniel Kraft: Daniel's website: #gadgets #biohacking #quantifiedself health care, healthcare, health, gadget, innovation, medicine, gadgets, biohacking, Mustreader, Mustwatch, mustreads, cool gadgets, new gadgets, latest gadgets, biohacker, biohackers, mindfulness, bio data, biotechnology, biohack, biotech, new gadget, cybernetic, cybernetics, cyberpunk, device, superpowers, future gadgets, how to improve mental health, mental health, mental health awareness, podcast, interview, video podcast, hi tech, daniel kraft, kraft