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Can we stop aging? How to change your views on death. Yuri Deigin / Mustreader podcast

Biotech entrepreneur Yuri Deigin shares how he changed his views on death and his ideas on how to convince the conservatives that aging and dying are not OK. Full video podcast with Yuri: Support me on Patreon: My Twitter: My blog on Medium: Subscribe to my podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcasting platforms: My Instagram: Yuri Deigin: Yuri's YouTube channel: Yuri's blog on Medium: My interview with Aubrey de Grey: Eliezer Yudkowsky's blog: #transhumanism #ageing #aging life extension, longevity, transhumanism, aging, the society, society, ageing, eternal life, immortality, immortal, philosophy, education, age, old, growing old, getting older, youth, stay young, lifespan, healthspan, health, living forever, ways to become immortal, become immortal, cryonics, life span, life expectancy, human life expectancy, biology, live longer, how to live longer, life expectancy rate, anti aging, reverse aging, anti-aging, mustreader, transhuman, transhumanist