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Hamster Familiar and Potion of Absolute Power - Halloween Story 🎃 Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham

Welcome to the hamsters channel Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham! 😊 In this hamster movie, you will see amazing Halloween hamster story. Once upon a time, evil witches wanted to enslave our world and immerse it in darkness and chaos. On Halloween night, as their powers grew to the fullest, they formed a coven. The potion of absolute power was almost ready, but missing just a few ingredients. If you liked this video, give your like 👍 and subscribe to our channel 😊 Don't forget to click the bell button to be notified about our new video release 😊 If you want to see more cool videos, please support us: Our Instagram 🐹 🐹 Our Facebook 🐹 🐹 Our TikTok 🐹 🐹 #hamsters #hamster #ComeandEnjoy #HomuraHam #FunnyHamsters #CuteHamsters #Pets #Animals #HamsterPlayground #SpookySeason #Halloween #HamsterMovie #HalloweenStory Music: